Endoscope Storage Cabinet: DSC ENDO-10

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  • – 10 Holder
  • – Rotating rack
  • – UV-C radiator
  • – Drying cabinet
  • – Timer controller
  • – Clear view
  • – Compact design
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Endoscope storage cabinet
Dimension 655 x 655 x 2225mm(WxDxH)
Power AC 220V 50/60Hz
UV lamp 20W (life time 5,000 hr)
Control box On & Off power switch, Timer (30 min.)
Heater & Fan (1kW/hr), Counter
Air circulation fa, Door sensor
Hour meter (UV lamp working time check)
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  • · Endoscopic cabinet is designed for drying and sterilizing the cleaned endoscope by fan heater and UV lamp.
  • · This is designed to keep high-priced endoscope safely and efficiently in endoscopy center and endoscope examination room and provide more convenience with user.
  • · Heater is equipped in interior to dry moisture after cleaning endoscope.
  • · UV lamp is equipped to sterilize to upside and Timer to keep uniform temperature in chamber.
  • · All functions are operated automatically via sensor attached in door side when door and close.