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    Privacy Statement
    This privacy policy regards the personal information listed on the website of CHOYANG Co., Ltd. (hereafter refer to as the “provider”).
    1. The list of personal information collected and method of collection
    A. List of personal information collected
    The provider first collects personal information as follows for efficient customer service.
    - Required Lists: Name, Email
    B. Method of collection
    - Customer Service Board
    2. Collection and purpose of use of personal information
    E-mail Sender Response Answers
    3. Share and provide personal information
    The provider shall use the user’s personal information within the scope notified in the “Collection and purpose of use of personal information” section, and shall not use the information exceeding such scope without the prior consent of the user, and the provider does not release the personal information to the public. However, there are exceptions as follows.
    - In a case where users have already agreed to release in advance
    - In a case where there is any relevant law or any request from and investigative agency that needs to investigate in accordance with the procedure and method of relevant laws
    4. The period of retention and usage of personal information
    Retention period of email addresses
    5. Matters on declining of installation and operation of automatic personal information collection device
    The provider uses cookies, which frequently save and load the users’ information for the purpose of providing customized services to each individual. Cookies are saved as a very small text file on the users’ computer hard drive. The server operating the website usually sends cookies to the user’s browser.
    A. Purpose of use of cookies
    Cookie assesses the detailed information of every service and website that users visit, such as usage patterns, popular search keywords, secure access, editing of news, number of users, etc. Customized services are then provided to each individual accordingly.
    B. Installation/Operation and declining of cookies
    - A user can choose whether to accept cookies. The user can therefore choose to accept all cookies, to check whenever cookies are saved, or to reject all cookies by setting the option on the web browser.
    - However, rejection of cookies may result in difficulties in access to some services requiring login.
    "How to set acceptance or decline of cookie installation
    (for Internet Explorer)"
    1. Choose [Internet Options] on the [Tools] Menu.
    2. Click the [Personal Information] Tab.
    3. Set the [Privacy Level]
    6. Contact information for responsible manager and coordinator of managing personal information
    Various types of civil complaints related to protection of personal information while using the provider’s services may be reported to the person or department in charge of managing the information.
    The provider will immediately provide a sufficient response to users’ complaints.
    Personnel in charge of managing personal information: Marketing Team Leader
    Telephone: +82-31-747-9901
    "If you would like to report or are in need of counsel related to infringement of personal information,
    Please visit the website or call the number below. "
    - Personal Information (Data) Dispute Mediation Committee ( / +82-1336)
    - Certificate Committee of E-privacy Mark ( / +82-2-580-0533~4)
    - High-Tech Crimes Department of Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ( / +82-2-3480-2000)
    - Cyber Terror Response Center of the National Police Agency ( / +82-2-392-0330)
    7. Protection of personal information of minors under the age of 14
    When a minor who is under the age of 14 registers for membership, he/she must obtain the consent of his/her legal representative.
    Whenever the legal representative makes a request to read or collect the minor’s personal information, delete information, or withdraw the agreement to the corporation, the corporation must immediately take action to fulfill such request.
    8. Others
    This “privacy policy” does not apply to the collecting of personal information of other websites which are listed on the corporation’s website.
    9. Duty to notify
    We will give notification of any addition, deletion, or modification of the current privacy policy at least 7 days before the amendment via the “Notice” section on the website.
    - Date of notification: Mar 22, 2022
    - Effective Date: Mar 22, 2022

    I agree to the above collection of personal information. Agree