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  • • Viruzyme is a biological cleaner using five enzymes that is designed for decontamination of medical, surgical, dental and endoscopic instruments.
  • • Viruzyme is particularly effective for removing high levels of proteins, fats and organic contaminants from surfaces, including dried on blood and tissue.
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Leakage Realtime & Manual Range : 180mbar~300mbar
Channel Monitoring 6hannel flow monitoring in all processes
Display 7"wide TFT LCD with touch control
Basin Capacity 8 Liter
Tank Capacity Alcohol / Detergent : 1 Liter
Water Filter Pre-filter Carbon filter Micron Filter(0.2㎛)
Interface Barcode reading system
Operation Automatic Precedure by DB system Print out all Processing steps and record in Dbsystem
Temperature Control Heater for disinfectant(Max. 60℃)
Couplers 1 outlet for leakage test and 6 outlets for disinfection
Electrical Requirements 220~240 VAC, 50~60Hz
Dimensions 850 x 550 x 1080mm (W x D x H)
Weight 80Kg